Aspire Care LAL
Aspire Care LAL

Our Residential Support Programme

Aspire offers a range of supported care pathways tailored to each individual. Our most comprehensive pathway is our residential service in which young people are invited to stay with us in one of our comfortable three and four bedroom homes while taking part in the therapy programme to help them transition into independent living. We believe these homes achieve a middle ground between communal and autonomous living that promotes young peoples' independence, while also helping them to feel safe as part of a caring  home and community.

Meeting healthcare needs

All young people staying with us are registered with a local doctor, dentist, optician and other relevant healthcare providers. They are supported to make and attend their healthcare appointments until such a time they feel able to do so independently. They will also be supported in understanding the value of these appointments.

Independent Living Skills programme

As part of part of our holistic approach to the care and support we provide in this pathway, we have developed an Independent Living Skills (ILS) programme consisting of nine modules and integrating a wide variety of theoretical and practical exercises. All young people work through this programme gradually with their allocated Therapeutic Care Advisor. Skill areas that are taught include financial management, cooking, personal presentation skills and safe sexual health.

Healthy, balanced diet & exercise

Young people will be accompanied once a week to do their weekly food shop which supports them in achieving a healthy, balanced diet aided by a collaboratively designed food plan. We try to encourage cooking with fresh ingredients at least once weekly. We also provide all our residents with a gym membership and encourage them to build exercise into their lives. Our staff support an evening gym session for all residents in the house once a week to model the importance of exercise to them.

Developing literacy and numeracy

We want to ensure that all of our young people have basic numeracy and literacy skills. We also want to support them move on to further education if this is their goal. We will enable them to find a suitable learning environment that will meet their needs and help them with coursework or revision where required.

Occupational engagement

If young people no longer wish to study but would prefer to get straight into work, we have good networks with local apprenticeship schemes we can connect them with. We can also source relevant work experience placements or help with the job search process. We will assist with CV writing and building, attendance at job fairs, or other preferred occupational engagement such as voluntary work. We can also assist with interview preparation and attendance.

Skills generalisation

We prioritise the generalisation of the life skills learned while staying with us. Our staff actively support this process by encouraging communal integration among residents as we believe these relationships, along with the relationships with staff involved in their care, are an excellent opportunity to develop and practice social skills. We use regular coffee meetings, Sunday lunches, house community meetings, gym trips, cinema and bowling visits and takeaway nights to ensure this integration is fun and encouraging of service user involvement.